• Is your business IPv6 ready?

    We can help you transition to next generation Internet connectivity.

  • Is PCI-DSS compliance important to your business?

    We know how to ensure you'll pass the next audit.

  • Service availability getting your business down?

    We provide monitoring, alert and reporting services.

  • Failing to deploy cloud services at scale?

    We know how to automate the deployment and management of ICT systems.

  • Undocumented networks and ICT systems?

    We can provide detailed analysis, documentation and recommendations.


Equate Technologies delivers industry leading expertise in cyber security and application delivery, enabling enterprises to achieve greater performance, productivity, and protection.

Network and Systems Design

Whether you simply need to provide Internet connectivity to a new office, or deploy dual stack IPv4/v6 services to customers globally, we can help design the right solution for your business and your customers.

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Security & Compliance

Concerned about the security of your ICT infrastructure? Need to comply with PCI-DSS or other standards? We can help ensure your systems meet both your businesses needs and the auditor's tick boxes!

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Managed Services

Do you need help dealing with some or all of your ICT systems? We can help by providing maintenance and support.

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