About Equate



Founded in 2013, our Vision was clear; to bring together the power of people and security to protect and enhance lives and businesses throughout Australia. Identifying a void of focused information security, our business was first created to provide world-class skills and best of breed technology solutions to organisations seeking on the ground support.

Now one of Australia’s fastest growing Cyber Security organisations, and part of Nexon Asia Pacific, our team has successfully enabled hundreds of organisations to operate more securely through the provision of managed security services and end to end skills and resources which support digital and technological transformation.

  • 2012 - Ideation of the Equate Concept
  • 2013 - Equate Founded
  • 2015 - Leading Partner (QLD) for F5 Networks
  • 2017 - Opened consolidated office in Ann Street, Brisbane QLD
  • 2017 - Leading Partner (QLD) for Check Point
  • 2018 - Establishment of Security Operations Capability
  • 2019 - Expansion into New Office Space
  • 2019 - Exceeds 35 Dedicated Information Security Professionals in Queensland
  • 2021 - Adquired by Nexon Asia Pacific

What We Do

  • Manage Identity and Access Challenges
  • Reduce the risk of Cyber Threats
  • Optimise the protection of corporate applications and assets
  • Pro-actively predict, detect and respond to risks and opportunities
  • Align security strategy with regulatory frameworks
  • Reduce security infrastructure complexity and ongoing operational costs
  • Drive business productivity, continuity and change through end-to-end managed services and managed security capability
Identity and access management

We manage identity and access challenges with 360-degree visibility and managerial control of all access requests; centralising access control, improving user experience, supporting regulatory compliance and minimising IT costs.

Application & asset protection

We optimise the protection of corporate applications and assets by deploying enterprise grade security, specialist resources and enhanced management solutions; providing comprehensive application visibility and analytics for on-premise, public, private and hybrid clouds which ensure security, availability and speed.

security and risk management

We align information security strategy with common security regulation and compliance frameworks; providing a security maturity roadmap and a process of continuous evaluation to ensure solutions are sustainable, cost effective and deliver against company strategy and goals.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure Design

We reduce the risk of cyber threats resulting from advanced and emerging technology and cloud data storage; designing and building security constructs that support cloud migration and deployment requirements while ensuring your business and its IP is protected and operational risk minimised.

Machine Data Management & Analytics

We help to pro-actively predict and respond to potential risks and opportunities relating to the security and protection of business-critical technology assets; aggregating, segmenting and visualising data to create meaningful insights which help to monitor, improve and streamline business operations.

communications & network Security

We reduce security infrastructure complexity and ongoing operational costs; providing best practice security architecture and leveraging best of breed vendor functionality to optimise existing technology assets, rationalise security functions and dramatically improve organisational security posture.

Security Orchestration Automation & Response

We help leaders identify, co-ordinate, detect and respond to cyber security issues and improvements; creating intelligence driven security solutions that enable proactive and defensive strategies to be automated and implemented with ease.

Integrated Security Operations Centre (SOC)

We remove the everyday pressure of running a security team. Our Integrated Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides 24 x 7 x 365 support, providing the talent, tools and technology to strengthen your organisational security posture, ensuring absolute oversight, protection and interaction while optimising and augmenting in-house capability.



Clients are the centre of everything we do. And we are the backbone of information security operation; optimising and securing the delivery of services and applications, eliminating security related noise and organisational intellectual property and assets.

We are focused on delivering innovative solutions in Identity and Access Management, Application and Asset Protection, Security and Risk Management, Secure Cloud Infrastructure Design, Security Orchestration and Response, Communications and Network Security and Machine Data Management and Analytics.

Together, we Define, Design, Deploy and Optimise tailored solutions which are supported by best in class technology and delivered via Solutions Architecture, Consulting, Procurement, Professional Services and as a fully Managed Service.

In combining these elements, we improve Performance, Productivity and Protection for Australian businesses and build a secure and sustainable life for our people and clients.




To bring together the power of people and security to protect and secure organisations throughout Australia.


To provide market-leading Cyber Security services, solutions and expertise that protect and optimise businesses and their assets.


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