Keeping your IT environment secure and available

This should be a simple business request. Yet large and mid-market companies repeatedly face the same problem: securing valuable intellectual assets, without holding up business.  

We’re different

As an outcome-driven, vendor-agnostic team of architects, security, systems and application engineers, we offer our clients bespoke solutions. Being flexible, skilled and qualified achieves superior results for your business.

Minimum impact on your day to day operations is our priority. We can design, implement, upgrade, support, test and manage your organisation’s security needs as required — in and out of hours; with single solutions or managed services.

Dealing with IT security isn’t always easy. Limited resources, skills and sometimes budget can hold a business back from achieving a fully-secured, compliant, IT environment.

At Equate we hire the best security technologists in Queensland and put them on your doorstep.

Our approach has earned the trust of some of the most security conscious companies in Australia.

We’re about getting the job done. Giving you room to scale. And delivering flexible solutions to fit your requirements.

A brief history

Modern day workplace environments require complex security platforms. Sharing the belief that Queensland based companies were often forced to settle for sub-standard support in these areas, Stephen Richards and Colin Stubbs knew there had to be another way.

To answer this localised problem, they founded Equate Technologies in 2013 — a company built on the value that in order to provide the best IT solutions for Queensland, you have to be in Queensland.

Stephen Richards

And we’re not just talking about Brisbane. The Equate story began by successfully bringing services to regional locations, like Townsville, Cairns, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast.

Gaining a positive reputation for delivering practical, workable outcomes for local companies allowed Equate to scale quickly. Growing the company meant attracting the best security experts in Australia and bringing them to Queensland. As part of that mission Noel Kelly joined the Equate leadership team as Technical Director.

Today, as the business continues to build momentum and push forward, it’s clear that Equate Technologies aren’t holding back.

We’re a company striving to have the best people and capabilities not just in Queensland. But in all of Australia.    

What you need to know about us

We’re Brisbane-based

QLD businesses are our priority.

We’ve got a full-time team

For better client project continuity we don’t use one-off contractors or outsource offshore.

Our skills are focussed

Cyber security and application delivery are our core offerings. We invest in these areas heavily and keep on top of changing landscapes.  

We’ve got the best expertise in Asia Pacific

From our Queensland location, Equate is being recognised as a capability and industry leader in Asia Pacific by many global technology vendors.

Start understanding how we make these technologies work harder for your business. Experience it for yourself.

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