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BSides Brisbane Conference – What did we learn?


Modern Digital Dependency
Picture credit: xkcd.com

We recently sponsored the BSides Brisbane event where we met with other cyber specialists from our community; sharing learnings, insights and predictions for 2021.

We thought it would be useful to share the four key learnings we took away from the event:

1 – Critical Infrastructure is STILL insecure

What are we waiting for? Put it on your agenda for 2021. Understand your OT attack surface, update threat models and implement the ASD Essential Eight today – quick wins will raise the bar and reduce the likelihood of great losses.

2 – Digital landscapes are evolving

They are also often built on long-forgotten, legacy code still being thanklessly maintained (or not!). Software supply chains can be deceptively large, and not all software components are created equal. Manage your software dependencies, understand your infrastructure and mitigate the risks before the weakest link exposes your business.

3 – APT’s are smarter than you

The supply chain is becoming an increasingly valuable and successful target for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors. They’re also taking advantage of the panic created by a global pandemic. Talk to us about how to detect, respond to and eradicate threats to your information assets.

4 – Ransomware is the money machine

Ransomware campaigns are still the most profitable approach for financially motivated threat actors; phishing being the most common attack vector. Watch out for more sophisticated, targeted attacks this year; implement email protection and educate users on how to protect themselves from common and emerging attacks.