e Priority takeaways and actions from the ACSC's Annual Cyber Threat Report - Rylan Painter shares his views. - Equate Technologies

Priority takeaways and actions from the ACSC’s Annual Cyber Threat Report – Rylan Painter shares his views.


We always look forward to the Annual Cyber Threat Report by the ACSC. After some time reading through the detail, what does it tell us this year, and how does the advice differ to the previous year?

No doubt we’ve seen an exploitation of the pandemic environment, particularly in the Healthcare industry. The level of disruption in essential and critical services has affected business operations and lives across our front line workers and customers.  The rise of high-profile ransomware attacks at a national and global level has escalated cybersecurity as a priority with businesses like never before.

We’ve seen a faster approach in targeting security vulnerabilities following new software releases, which has impacted supply chains in major software providers and their products at a more rapid pace, while in the background, Business Email Compromise (BEC) continues to drive issues, augmented by the vast increase in remote workforces, infrastructure migrations and upgrades to cloud based applications.

What’s our advice?

  1. Patching is everything – increase your speed to deploy in <48 Hours

Patching really is a fundamental that cannot be ignored. The inherent risk of waiting another 6 – 12 months to shorten an organisation’s patching process is too far into the future. Where possible, businesses of all sizes should be patching within 48 hours where an exploit exists. And prioritising security patches for remote access products is critical.

  1. Ransomware is here to stay – create a response plan – today

If you don’t have a response plan, create one. Reliance on remote access technology and hybrid working practices are also here to stay. This makes organisations of all sizes an easy target for attackers, as we increase our reliance on remote systems.

  1. Make Cybersecurity a strategic priority – deploy the right technologies, team and controls

Organisations need to harden their systems by eliminating attack vectors and reducing the potential attack landscape. The evolution in attack sophistication and speed means Boards and operational teams can no longer be complacent – act today.

  1. Be prepared for every eventuality – ask for help to ensure you’re protected.

Improving performance, productivity and protection should be a business imperative. Without a strong advisory team, watertight cybersecurity strategy and skilled operational team / SOC monitoring your 24 x 7, you’re running a risk you can’t afford to take.

About the Author

Rylan Painter, SOC Manager
Rylan Painter

Rylan Painter is the SOC Manager at Equate Technologies, a Nexon Company. Bringing over 10 years in the provision of cyber protection services for the Australian Defence Force. Rylan leads teams to detect, triage, investigate, mitigate, review and manage cyber security incidents and prevent adversarial behaviour across our Client networks.