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Xmas Phishing and Smishing – the gifts that keep on giving


Of course, we should be focusing on gift giving and celebrations at this time of year, but it’s also a critical time to receive this timely festive reminder to be vigilant in identifying phishing and smishing scams.

From special offer emails in your inbox to SMS prompts for missed deliveries and Buy Now Pay Later account notices, it’s hard to tell the true scams from the real ones; a situation exacerbated at Christmas as we choose to avoid shopping malls in favour of brand surfing from our lounge.

We’re feeling the crazy rush towards the end of the year, as we struggle to balance work, life and festive socials with trying to apply the same levels of diligence we’d normally apply to validating phishing and smishing attempts during other periods.

We’re expecting a stack of deliveries and parcels too, so when emails and text messages prompt a collection, before clicking the link, think twice to avoid being on the receiving end of a scam seeking to download malware and cause havoc to your business or private network. Unfortunately, we’re all at risk.

So, before Santa drops his malware at your door:

  • Always be vigilant about the type and sensitivity of information you share online.
  • Don’t click on email or SMS links without validating the sender (pick up the phone and ask!).
  • Watch out for poor spelling and grammar to spot a phishing email or smishing SMS messages.
  • Validate domains in links and be careful of shortened URL services.
  • If the communication prompts an ‘urgent response’ – validate its authenticity.

We also love these tips from the ACSC:

  • Use trusted sellers – choose reputable brands and research the website before you buy.
  • Be aware of fake sellers – check logos and contact details for inconsistencies.
  • Use secure payment methods – PayPal or your Credit Card for protection, be aware of the chargeback process and your responsibilities
  • Check to make sure it’s a reputable site – check the URL and look for the padlock symbol whenever you’re submitting personal or payment information.

Have an enjoyable and safe festive season everyone!