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Identity and Access Management

When it comes to allowing user access to your digital environment, a rigorous and cohesive system of protocols must be applied to mitigate risks whilst not impeding business efficiency.

The data of a modern organisation is rarely limited to one virtual or a physical location, with critical and sensitive information distributed between various systems. User accessibility from multiple devices and locations is essential; however, it can be difficult to identify potential threats and take an appropriate and rapid response.

At Equate Technologies, our Identity and Access Management Solutions address this common lack of cohesion, managing access security challenges, as well as creating a centralised point of authentication, control, and presentation. These solutions offer 360° awareness of all access requests, administering instant response and/or resolution to remote sites, corporate and personal mobile devices. With the ability to leverage single sign-on, two-factor, multi-factor, or step-up authentication capabilities, our expert technologists will consider your organisation’s specific identity and access management requirements to create a solution best suited to address your requirements.

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Security Automation

In the constantly evolving sphere of business IT and OT, the efficiency of your digital defence is paramount, and failure can influence the very the survival of your business. A team of human administrators will inevitably struggle to combat the consistent onslaught of breaches and unauthorised access incidents, as manual methods of defence are often difficult to resource without impacting day to day operations. Equate Technologies’ Security Automation solutions, implemented by our expert technologists, are tailored specifically to suit the needs of your organisation, and the capabilities of your systems. Our agile, and intuitive solutions are seamlessly integrated into your existing systems — Equate’s Security Automation Solutions are both cost effective and scalable, allowing your organisation to thrive with heightened productivity and peace of mind.

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Vulnerability & Patch Management

As rapidly as technology advances, so do the skills of the methods of those whose aim is to infiltrate and undermine it. It is now virtually impossible for a non-specialist IT or OT team to administrator or maintain constant vigilance to all environmental changes. Traditionally, other security organisations would propose various expensive solutions, specific to each system. Equate Technologies’ Vulnerability Scanning and Patch Management is a solution with the capacity to cater for, and encompass, any combination of systems, whilst maintaining the precision inherent within single-minded solution. Upon integration, our solution will establish an environmental baseline from which it scans for change, automatically discovering risks and vulnerabilities, while then applying the necessary patches.

At Equate Technologies, we believe that solutions are not made up of single, independent components, but are instead comprised of a layered armament of mechanisms, which can be customised to enhance the performance of our clients’ security systems.

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Gateway Security Architecture

Within the decade 100% of the digital traffic traversing your firewall will be encrypted. Even at current rates of encryption many network security devices are unable to decrypt and inspect all digital traffic, without sacrificing overall performance and jeopardising security due to insufficient processing power.

The purchase of expensive hardware solutions to supplement or replace current technologies, seems inevitable — BUT what if the tools to handle decryption, inspection with no impact on essential processes, already exist and could integrate into your current technology?

Equate Technologies’ Modern Edge Solution is a cost-effective solution which precludes the need to purchase expensive hardware solutions that will soon become obsolete. Our security specialists’ passion and knowledge of security infrastructure allows them to effectively leverage your existing technologies allowing for enhanced security controls and visibility. The Modern Edge Solution offers seamless, adaptable, scalable security without sacrificing business efficiencies.

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Application Protection

Applications are the now the primary gateway to the majority of organisations most precious assets and mission critical data. As business practices shift from traditional physical office locations to cloudified and web-based hybrid environments and the workforce migrates to remote, WFH with BYOD, aggressors are finding an increased attack surface in which to search for and take advantage of vulnerabilities.

It is no surprise that over the last 12 months up to 72% of reported breaches were a result of exposed applications, particularly web applications and compromised impersonated user identities.

Despite these statistics being widely known, it is alarming that many organisations have failed to make the shift in thinking or resourcing to repel these attackers. Equate however recognises that this pivot is not an easy one. Even after adjusting focus to application and identity, many enterprises find that they do not have sufficient internal expertise or the economy of scale to justify the initial deployment and ongoing optimisation of these capabilities.

By leveraging Equate’s highly skilled and specialised technologists and enhanced management solutions for application protection, our clients can realise all the benefits and value of industry leading expertise at a price point that is economically viable.

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Enhanced Management Solutions

Equate Technologies understand that the complexities of some organisation’s IT infrastructure require security solutions that are multi-tiered and managed by true expert security technologists. Unlike many one size fits all security products our Enhanced Management Solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of each client and are managed and monitored by Brisbane based experts.

Higher order systems require higher order security solutions and constant vigilance. Our specialist team have a complete end to end understanding of business IT environments whether utilising traditional physical office locations, cloudified or web-based hybrid ecosystems.

Using a range of tools and state of the art technologies, our experts proactively scan and test for any vulnerabilities, applying patches and updates, monitor the primary network access controls, remote site access, identity management on BYOD and mobile devices, authentication, control, and presentation.

Our aim is to provide a seamless and invisible framework of cost-effective managed security services to detect risk and combat aggressors without impacting essential business requirements.


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