Technologies we work with

There are lots of intelligent, powerful and innovative cyber security technologies available. To get the absolute best-fit for your business in terms of scale, budget and usability, we take a vendor agnostic approach.

These are the technologies we know, trust and work with. Discover how they benefit your organisation’s IT cyber security and application delivery.

A global leader in network, cloud and mobile security. As a Check Point partner we deliver architecture, hardware and software options using Check Point Infinity and Gen V products. Keep any device in any location protected against targeted known and unknown attacks.

  • Adaptable and scalable to organisation size. Consolidated security across devices — onsite and remote, physical and virtual. Mobile threat defence and secure workspace. Endpoint security (remote access VPN).

Keep your IT environment as flexible as your workforce needs it to be, without sacrificing security. Deliver data and applications in the cloud by setting parameters according to who needs what, when and from what business location. With many Equate technologists holding F5 certification, you can be confident in our ability to structure, apply and maintain any F5 product you use.

  • Application delivery in multi-cloud environments. Automated deployment for fast management and delivery. Flexible, custom scripting. BIG-IP traffic management. Device configuration, low traffic impact.

The growth of IoT, cloud computing and operational technologies provides fresh security challenges. A ForeScout dashboard gives you visibility, so ‘what next?’ can be predicted and answered. Identify and control any device that interacts with your IT environment. Orchestrate immediate system-wide threat responses to unusual behaviour — without hesitation or relying upon slow-acting, inaccurate agents.

  • Customisable dashboard. IoT risk assessment and security compliancy. Scalable to organisation size. Suitable for public and private cloud environments. Integrates with leading network infrastructure vendors.

Known for its ‘Cyber Exposure’ platform, we work with Tenable because it provides real-time observation and secures any asset, on any system. Having a continuous and clear view of IT devices aids vulnerability management so patches and fixes can be prioritised.

  • Round the clock security monitoring. Advanced vulnerability reporting. Strategic, data-driven threat insights.

Forcepoint analyses a user’s behaviour within your IT environment to understand someone’s intent. Doing so shields you from threats due to human error. If data theft and identity compromise are a concern, this technology identifies, contains and shuts down risky activity in seconds.

  • Minimises security breaches due to human error. Email, web and cloud security. Data loss prevention. Insider threat protection. Data guard for secure information sharing.

Taking a different, more dynamic approach to endpoint security. Carbon Black uses analytics from endpoint devices to predict and apprehend known and unknown threats to cloud environments.

  • Device management based on predictive threats. Threat containment. Dedicated cloud enabled security for mobile devices.

The Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform is built for automation. Allow your staff and processes to get on and focus on mission-critical priorities. Even when an attack happens. Using precise analytics integrated with your cloud, network and endpoint devices, Palo Alto blocks malware, ransomware and exploits. This minimises endpoint and server infection.  

  • Automated cyber security to protect cloud, network and endpoint devices.

The Remediant SecureONE access management technology provides simple, flexible and automated security based on real time data. Efficient two-factor authentication and time sensitive use ensures administrators gain the privileged access they need, while Remediant reduces compliance gaps and minimises attack time opportunities.    

  • Delivers real time insights to your dashboard. Integrates with existing investments to protect endpoints. Uses two step authentications with minimal user disruption. Simplifies compliance management.

The more insight into potential threats you have, the better you can protect your IT environment. Exabeam is a big data security information and event management (SIEM) technology. By logging all events and having them presented in their patented Smart Timeline, you’re better positioned to predict and respond to cyber security incidents.    

  • Protect assets from data loss or theft. Suited to small and large companies. Advanced analytics help streamline effective security processes.

Using cloud-based technologies, Automox enables patch management of any system or software from any location. Get real time updates of vulnerabilities across your Windows, Mac or Linux environment. When a threat is identified it uses defined policies to automate remediation and enforce necessary defence actions.

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Instant visibility of systems and vulnerabilities. Patch automation, software deployment and management from anywhere in the world, giving you more control.  

Bringing unity to network and security operations, Gigamon security stack protects your physical, virtual and cloud-based IT environments. By making threats more visible the detection, investigation and response to cyber attacks can be achieved quickly and without heavily impacting your network speed or functions.

  • Scalable for continued network security. ATP, IPS and WAF tools that provide security without risking network speed and accessibility.

AI cloud-based learning allows the ExtraHop Reveal(x) technology to quickly identify data anomalies. Give your team all the context and correlating data needed to respond quickly and confidently to threats. Get forensic investigation reports of any incidents to help prevent future attacks.  

  • Automate threat responses with third party integrations. Highly-detailed reports to discover threat root-cause and easily identify compromised systems and devices. Secure critical assets.

Fortinet provide a full stack of security options working across your IT infrastructure. Whether you require network, endpoint, application or access security (or all of them) the Fortinet technologies provide visibility, performance and control that allows your business to function even when attacked.

  • Scalable FortiGate firewall platform to fit any environment. End to end security. Management and analytics for greater visibility and remediation.

FireEye technologies aim to adapt and deal with the constantly changing cyber security landscape for bespoke solutions. Their infinite communication loop (the ‘Innovation Cycle’) between product technologists and those on the front line, delivers an ever-evolving product equipped to deal with new challenges.

  • Threat intelligence and automation. Network visibility and security. Endpoint and email security. Managed defence to hunt attack sources and respond.

Keep your digital workspaces secure and user friendly from any location and on any device. Citrix cloud-based security uses predefined rules set to your specific needs. Protect against security threats on multi-device, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  

  • Works with existing infrastructure and scalable. Simple to use and economical in cost.